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Our service begins with an on-site evaluation of your synthetic field to determine its compaction level, fiber wear, and consistency of infill. We further assess the field for rips, tears, and degradation. We then create a service plan and provide an estimate based on your needs. 

A well-maintained synthetic turf field will offer years of increased play. To improve cleanliness, keep athletes safe, and extend its life, certain maintenance procedures should be taken.

The Annual

One of the more common scheduled services FieldGroomers provides to its client base. Designed as the first step in any season opening or as a periodic service for high-use fields. To download the Services Info sheet, click here.

Customized Service Packages

FieldGroomers will work with your grounds department by offering the following individual services:

Deep De-compaction
Deep Cleaning
Surface Grooming & Sweeping
Metal Material Extraction
Gmax & Infill Depth Testing
Seam Inspection & Repair
Infill Top Dressing
UVC Disinfecting




Give us a call today 888-613-6993 for a free on-site demonstration or field evaluation and we will create a maintenance program to protect your investment and offer extended life to your field.

For information on the individual service packages, click here.


Frequently, we encounter reports in the media concerning poor maintenance efforts from facilities with synthetic turf fields. Most of the articles focus on surface conditions as it relates to player safety, most notably field hardness. To read an article from the WYHR television titled "Trouble in the Turf: Lack of Synthetic Turf Testing & Maintenance Puts Athletes at Risk", click here.

The report highlights the basics of in-filled synthetic turf systems, compares different maintenance programs (such as the NFL), and highlights the fact that many facilities have not maintained their fields. The report further exposes a list of public school facilities, including high schools and universities, that have no record of maintenance effort. We've also made the article available on our website, click here.